Colostomy and Ileostomy Pouches

Colostomy and ileostomy pouches have various kinds and shapes. A patient can use according to need and stoma requirements. The bags are available in open-ended and closed-ended devices. The closed one has sealing at the bottom of the pouch. While open-ended has a tail clip or clamp. These are drainable and a person can attach it back after emptying and cleaning it. However, the closed-ended has used for colostomy patients. These are the tools you can throw away after one use. Once it gets half full, you can discard the closed-ended pouches and attach the new one.

The more kinds of ileostomy and colostomy appliances are the two-piece and one-piece pouching system.

Two-Piece Pouching System

The two-piece pouching system consists of a barrier, flanges, wafer, and bag. In this method, a person can change the ostomy pouch without removing or changing the barrier or wafer. Moreover, it has a closing ring. This can attach to the mating part of the flange. It allows the best attachment and fixing of the two-piece pouch.

One-Piece Pouching System

The one-piece pouching system has a skin barrier or wafer. Both tools are joined together to form a single unit. This is simple and easy to attach and detach. In this method, a patient has to remove a full system that includes barrier, flanges, or wafer. Therefore, it is unlike two-piece in which you do not have to remove the flange.

However, when it comes to drainable pouches, both one-piece and two-piece can be drainable and discardable.

What is Irrigation System?

Some colostomy patients can use another method of discharging, called irrigation. It is a procedure similar to the enema. In this system, a colostomy person can clean the stool directly from the colon; however, through the stoma.

This procedure needs a complete system, called an irrigation system. It consists of an irrigating pouch, a connecting tube, s stoma cone, a catheter, and an irrigating sleeve. Moreover, it requires a specific lubricant for stoma preparation. A colostomy patient has to apply this moisturizer on the peristomal wall to make it ready for the irrigation and extraction of stool. Furthermore, a colostomy can use a stoma cap (that can be a one-piece system or two-piece system). It protects and covers the stoma hole. The patients who use this method do not have to wear an ostomy pouch/bag.

What is Urinary Pouching System?

A urostomy patient needs the urinary pouching system. It collects the urine through the stoma opening. This can be a one-piece or two-piece pouching system. Usually, urostomy patients face leakage and frequent discharge of the liquid. Therefore, they should use drainable pouches/bags. When an ostomate feels that the sack is half full, he/she should drain, wash, and clean it. Wear it again peacefully, but make sure it is clean and use a sanitizer to avoid skin rashes and itching.

Different Styles of Ostomy Pouching Systems

The ostomy pouching system has different styles. They have one-piece and two-piece appliances. Moreover, the skin barrier or wafer is available in one and two-piece. Moreover, it can be flat, convex, or curved to the stoma. It has used standard-wear and extended-wear materials. Some of the skin barriers are flexible, while a few are rigid. Moreover, some of the flanges have adhesive and some are without it. Some appliances are drainable with a built-in tail. Some pouches have a separate clip. Well, there are many styles and shapes. A patient can choose according to its stoma need and easiness.

Accessories of Colostomy and Ileostomy Pouching System

The following are the ostomy pouching appliances. A patient can purchase according to the need and a doctor's recommendation.

  • Convex insert.

  • Ostomy belt.

  • Pouch cover.

  • Skin barrier paste.

  • Skin barrier ring.

  • Strips.

  • Skin adhesive.

  • Wipes.

  • Tapes adhesive remover.

  • Sanitizer.

  • Medicated powder.