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"Hi I am Kaleo Griffith and I will be giving you a step by step tutorial for virtual consultation with Homeopathic practitioner Pal.

Most of the patients taking treatment from Homeopath Pal are out of state or country and are taking
Homeopathic treatment from the privacy and convenience of their home with the virtual consultation.
A virtual consultation is usually done by phone or video, chatting directly with Homeopath Pal.
Your virtual consultation will take 20 to 40 minutes and Homeopath pal will use your symptom details, photos and lab reports to complete the case taking process.
Lab reports, physical examination or a pre diagnosed condition may help but cannot be the sole basis of Homeopathic Prescription.

Remember, Homeopathy is a symptom and constitution based treatment so the best way to proceed is a detailed discussion of your symptoms with your homeopathic doctor.

Your virtual consultation is with Homeopathic practitioner Pal who is a qualified Homeopath with 30 years of international experience.

Lets begin the process
Step one - Patient forms. Start by downloading new patient forms which you can complete online and email or............. print and mail with your pictures and reports.
Step two -- Taking photos -- Lets review what pictures are needed. Face above the shoulders ......... have a relaxed look and take a front picture and then turn to the side and take a side profile picture.
Whole body - take a front picture from head to toe and a side photo from head to toe.
Specific pictures -- like skin eruptions or discoloration take close up shots of these.

Now send your new patient form, photos and reports to our office.
You can either email the information to us at homeopathicdrpal@yahoo.com or send it by regular mail."

Our mailing address is :
USA 92394

Note - If you email the information please put VIRTUAL CONSULTATION in the subject line.
Once the data is received we will contact you to schedule a time and date for virtual consultation with Homeopathic practitioner Pal. At this time you have to pre pay the consultation fee. You may use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex or paypal transfer.

During the virtual consultation you will have to answer specific questions pertaining to your symptoms. Once case taking is complete it will take some time for case analysis and a prescription. You will get your prescription or medication with instructions in the mail.
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