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Dr Pal Site
Dr Pal Site
This trial treatment is designed for the patients who want to just try out and see how they respond to the Homeopathic remedies. Each one of the trial treatment case is reviewed by Homeopath Pal and a prescription is written for individual case. Prescription is made strictly on the basis of Homeopathic principals of prescribing single remedies. We do not recommend complex products or Homeopathic mixtures.
Once beneficial effects of Homeopathic remedies is seen during the trial treatment patients can opt for regular Homeopathic treatment by filling up detailed patient history forms and having a Virtual consultation with Homeopath Pal.
It is the patient’s responsibility to find out if Homeopathic medicines could be mailed into their state or country. If not you will only get the prescription slip with directions. Buy the Homeopathic remedies locally. No refunds.
Payments can be made using paypal which accept all credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover or simply transfer using your Paypal account (this is the safest mode)
If you do not have a credit card first send payment by western union or moneygram
» Send payments to – Ranjit, Victorville, California USA 92394
» Call and give details of control number/code
» you will be given a file number
» Write a regular email to homeopathicdrpal@yahoo.com with trial treatment in the subject line plus the file number and the patients name. In the email give all details - Patient name/ Age/ Gender/ Address/ Email/ Phone number - Explain the symptoms in detail.
Mailing Address -
Pal Homeopathy
14534 GRAHAM Ave
USA 92394
Phone – 1-760-245-2890, 1-888-to-drpal
Fax - 1-760-994-1374
Email – homeopathicdrpal@yahoo.com
Trial Treatment
Trial Homeopathic Treatment stethoscope
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