Consultation Fee for Acute & Chronic Ailments

First Consultation Fee $90

Follow up Fee $60

First Consultation is free till July 2017.

Free Consultation for Veterans.

Consultations are by appointment only.

Whether done in person or on the phone the initial consultation takes about 20 min to 1 hour that includes

  • Checking the patient history forms and reports
  • Completing the symptom details by cross-questioning during the virtual or in office consultation process
  • Analyzing the case record to find the accurate remedy with potency and dosage.
  • Homeopathic remedies will be provided if available.

  • The follow up or subsequent consultation (except for taking a little shorter time) is practically the same process as the initial consultation.

    Chronic cases consultation is usually done on monthly basis.

    All cases are seen by Homeopath Pal personally with a limit to number of cases that can be handled at a time. For this reason you might be put on a waiting list, if we are not taking in new cases

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