Gall Stones

CHOLELITHIASIS, in plain English gallstones, is a very frequent disease of middle age, and it is more frequent in women that it is in men. It is a constitutional disease, due to an inflammation of the gall-ducts and to a slackening of the normal flow of bile. Owing to a non-function of the liver the mucous membrane of the gall-ducts or of the gall-bladder gets inflamed, resulting in the secretion of slime with deposits of uric acid and cholestearin crystals, which later ones grow up to more or less big gallstones. Therefore in treating such patients, the homoeopath has to consider the whole constitution of the patient in order to clear the inflamed mucous membrane and to split up the gallstones. A very thankful task.

In the beginning of the treatment sometimes small gallstones happen to become squeezed in the narrow gall-ducts, so causing the most severe and painful biliary colic. In such circumstances we certainly ought to rely on our drugs, at least in the great majority of cases.

Colocynthis ex; pain very piercing, better by heat and doubling up.

Iris versicolor ex: vomiting of gall and acid, liver very sensitive, severe headache.

Magnesium phosphoricum ex: very severe cramps,b better by heat, worse by cold. Meteorismus, Constipation. Patient likes cold drinks.

Berberis vulgaris 2x: severe pains in the back. Diarrhoea. Meteorismus.

Chamomilla 2x: vomiting of gall acid. Meteorismus, duodenitis, stinking, foul stools.

China 3x: great weakness, diarrhoea alternating with constipation, haemorrhoids, night sweats.

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