There is no shortcut for curing chronic diseases. If there was one, the disease would not have become chronic in the first place.
Herpes also known, as genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a herpes virus; is characterized by the formation of fluid-filled, painful blisters in the genital area.
Most common infections are from
Herpes simplex virus type 2
Herpes simplex virus type 1
Transmitted through sexual intercourse, hand to body contact, vaginal delivery where mother is infected.
Fluid filled painful blisters in genital area, lips
Itching and tingling in affected skin
Fever, headache, malaise
Painful urination
Enlarged and tender lymph nodes in groins
Herpes infection increases chance of HIV spread
Cancer of cervix
Systemic infection due to poor immune system can affect eyes, liver, esophagus, lungs, brain and spinal cord
Homeopathic treatment 
Homeopathic treatment for herpes may not very efficient at first. But you're very likely to find it useful, if you use it for a long time. The local skin condition can be improved by using acute remedies. Later on deep acting remedies can be given to lift up the immune system that ultimately make the person immune to the virus. Blood tests can be done to confirm the viral load.

Genital Herpes is a contagious disease therefore precautions should be taken during sexual activity (use condoms, avoid oral sex) to prevent spread to other partner.

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