There is no shortcut for curing chronic diseases. If there was one, the disease would not have become chronic in the first place.
Epilepsy is a seizure disorder  (Seizure is an event that involves loss of consciousness and motor control causing repetitive muscle spasm)
In most cases cause is not known and epilepsy is classified as idiopathic.
In other cases there is a known trigger and epilepsy is symptomatic as in
Head injury
Heat stroke
Infections of central nervous system as meningitis, encephalitis, etc
Growth or tumors in the brain
Withdrawal effect of alcohol or drugs
Metabolic disorders
Genetic disorders
The seizures can be generalized or partial. Symptoms include
An aura – kind of feeling just before the seizure like strange smell, tingling, loud cry
Loss of consciousness and the person falls down. Muscles become rigid for few seconds followed by repetitive spasms of muscles (could be whole body or localized). The patient may have difficulty in breathing and may loose control of bladder or bowels. The seizure may last for few minutes followed by relaxation. The person may go into sleep or if awake may feel confused, complain headache and soreness in muscles.
Life-threatening complications from epilepsy are uncommon, but do occur. People who have severe, prolonged or continuous seizures are at increased risk of permanent brain damage and death.
Complications may arise from the activity being done when the seizures effect as
Driving – person may loose control of vehicle
Swimming – person may drown
Standing or climbing – parson may fall down and suffer sever head injury
Pregnancy – may harm the mother or fetus
Homeopathic treatment
Homeopathic therapy can work for people with seizures, especially constitutional homeopathic treatment that acts at the deepest levels to address the needs of the individual person. Underlying cause, constitution and the symptoms needs to be taken care of simultaneously.
Most common problem of idiopathic epilepsy seen in infants or children is due to birth injuries to the brain, could be trauma or hypoxia leading to improper growth of brain tissue causing seizures. Homeopathic remedies can help a faster growth both physical and mental that leads to reduced seizure activity.

Stress increases seizure activity in 30% of people who have epilepsy. Relaxation techniques can provide some sense of control over the disorder. If the person is on anti seizure medication it should not be stopped abruptly (to avoid withdrawal symptoms).

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