There is no shortcut for curing chronic diseases. If there was one, the disease would not have become chronic in the first place.
Eczema is a chronic skin conditions that cause inflammation and degeneration of the skin. Eczema is not caused by an infection.
Genetic inheritance plays a major role in most forms of eczema.
Minor skin allergies, dermatitis, itch, if suppressed with applications of anti-allergic or cortisone ointments can lead to eczema.
Eczema can show up in many different ways
Redness, itching and dryness in folds of skin like bend of elbows, knees, neck.
As the disease progress the skin become thicker and excessive itching is a persistent feature. There can be dryness and scaling or falling off of dead skin layers.
In some cases a sticky discharge is observed from the affected skin.
In cases of severe degeneration a thick white crust or scales can be seen on the scalp.
Palms and soles may show thickened skin with deep painful cracks.
Eczema starts as a small spot but as it is suppressed with the use of cortisones it spreads and covers almost entire skin surface. Besides physical discomfort it gives cosmetic problems also.
Homeopathic treatment 
Proper homeopathic treatment can cure most cases of eczema.
During the homeopathic treatment eczema becomes worse before it starts improving.

Never wait too long for the eczema to spread and become chronic as it will take a long time to resolve completely.

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