There is no shortcut for curing chronic diseases. If there was one, the disease would not have become chronic in the first place.
Shingles affects adults causing a painful skin condition within a specific nerve supply area.
Varicella-zoster virus
This virus remains dormant in people who suffered from chickenpox in their childhood.
Whenever the immune system is compromised (weaken) from extreme stress, prolonged illness, drug reaction, terminal illness or old age, the virus becomes active.
Low-grade fever with malaise
Skin becomes sensitive with appearance of blisters on a strip of skin along the path of nerve supply most common on sides of chest.
The affected area becomes very sensitive to touch with burning pain.
Pain may persist for many months even after the blisters heal.
Secondary bacterial infection
Post herpetic neuralgia
Hearing loss
Homeopathic treatment 
Homeopathic remedies will help to increase immune system and prevent the herpes.
In post herpetic neuralgia homeopathic remedies can calm down nerve pain effectively.
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