There is no shortcut for curing chronic diseases. If there was one, the disease would not have become chronic in the first place.
Peyronies disease
Peyronie's disease is a condition where the penis bends and is most apparent during an erection.
Exact cause of Peyronie’s disease is unknown but following conditions are associated with this disease.
Peyronie's disease can develop following trauma or injury to the penis. Injury may happen during very vigorous sexual intercourse, forceful bending of the penis can cause tissue tearing and scarring. Injury can happen during cystoscopy.
Inflammation in cases of severe vasculitis can be a cause for Peyronie's disease
Vitamin E deficiency has been associated with the Peyronie's disease
Diabetes and infections can lead to Peyronie’s disease
A bend in the penis prominent during an erection is observed.
Gradually the bend increases to the point where it becomes painful with inability to perform sex.
The hardening of tissues leads to shortening of penis an incomplete erection.
As the disease progress it leads to complete impotence
Surgical procedure can cause various side effects such as bleeding, damage to urethra, infection and scar tissue formation leading to impotence.
Homeopathic treatment 
Homeopathic treatment should be implemented within one year of the onset of symptoms and before the plaque has calcified. The goal of treatment is to reduce pain and maintain sexual function.
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